December’s Gift

You’re the spark from summer comets,
The first daffodil of spring,
So high and far and beautiful
Like an eagle on the wing
You’re the twilight of the autumn,
The new snowdrop after frost,
A sign appearing on the road
When it seemed that all was lost


A Heroic Man

You were everything and more to me, I loved you,
To know you was to find a priceless treasure
And the world is just a dying rock without you,
The void you leave is far too wide to measure

You always thought death was the end of the story-
That divinity and after-life were lies,
I pray you’re wrong because the thought you don’t exist
Is enough to flood the seas and split the skies

You were everything a man should be, we loved you,
There is no way to describe how much we’ll mourn
But the simple truth is you are worth such heartache
And If he exists, I thank God you were born


It’s been so long since you were wide awake,
It’s been so long since you were free to dance-
A life lived without music is a shell,
You’d let it go without a backwards glance
And yet no matter what you find your nails
Digging into hope and you keep going,
A captive in a paper sailing boat
Fast approaching rapids and still rowing,
You need to hug somebody and be safe,
To laugh and have it reach your bloodshot eyes,
You think existence is much more than this
And your belief it could be never dies


Who knows why the homing pigeon always chooses to return?
Why sometimes the hardest lesson is the one we have to learn?
Which strangers could be friends to us, where exactly will we meet?
Have we passed them by already in the chaos of the street?
What epiphanies will mould us into what we always were?
Is there such a thing as Karma, does it make events occur?
What will we have done that matters when the present is the past?
And why, if time is so precious, do we save the best for last?


The ways to love are as plentiful as seeds
And each one only grows one type of plant,
The love I have for you is a bleeding heart,
You’re meant to be my lover and you aren’t

The ways to love are as many as the dawns,
As different as the phases of the moon,
Time cheated us or perhaps it cheated me,
It made you mine but gave you up too soon

The ways to love are too numerous to count,
My love for you is fantasy gone wrong,
In the face of all that could have been and won’t,
It’s fragile like a spider’s web and strong


You say you don’t know how to help me Shaun
But you’ve done more than poetry can tell,
When life has sent me roses in the rain,
Through years that burned like glimpses into hell,
When things looked up or crumpled in my hands,
When I have felt alone, afraid or sad,
You’ve been so kind, your friendship is a rock,
It is the greatest gift I’ve ever had