I wanted to wax lyrical about you,
In rhyming lines to catalogue your charms
From your kindness to the broadness of your shoulders
Which make me want to melt into your arms

I wanted to write metaphors in stanza
Or similes-you’re like a perfect chord
And lastly I intended to compare you
With happiness, you’re special and adored


Angel Falls

I thought I might be made of stone
When the blaze was all consuming,
A whisper in the room downstairs
Was the violent thunder booming

I thought I might be carved of wood,
A mere burning piece of tinder,
Aching to snuff the panic out,
Down to the very last cinder

I sometimes didn’t think at all
When my head was a vice wound tight
Though my inner eye was steely
And my sleeves rolled up for the fight

Now I think about Angel falls
Or the songs of the distant whale
When I am weak and finding hope
Is a quest for my Holy Grail

Night thoughts

The ocean never meant to stop at shore,
It felt it’s freedom and it wanted more,
The lion wasn’t meant to stalk the cage,
His roar diminished as he starts to age,
Man was meant to save the world not break it,
Finding peace, not trying to forsake it
Emotion wasn’t made to be a chain
To drag us down and cause our tears again,
The cross we have to bear should never kill
The part of us that can and might and will,
And suffering, while it seeks to destroy
Should not eclipse the wonder and the joy