The Search

In perpetuum my darling
There will be a little line
In the story of romantics
That is only yours and mine

In perpetuum my darling
You will be the one I seek
Til the moment I can find you,
Til the moment we first speak

In perpetuum, for always,
Til infinity is through,
You’ll be the vision I keep close
And the compass I hold true

In perpetuum and surely
You are out there, near or far
And everything I am is yours
Once I find out who you are


Unlucky Sunday

I was shown oblivion again,
My skin was ignited and crawling,
A vice like grip crushed my splitting head
And though I was still I was falling

While my teeth and tongue burned in my mouth
My body was weaker than water,
Heaviness hit me, I couldn’t move,
A frightened and hurt dormant daughter

Thinking was painful, talking too hard
Each sound was like a blow to my ears,
This illness is vicious and nasty,
It is a curse, a shroud and it sears

Ordinary Girl

I wanted to be brilliant and startling,
Fascinating and just a little wild,
Exciting things all happening together,
I’d scorn the chance of seeming meek and mild

Yet I am normal and I may say boring,
I like a bit of comfort and a read,
If danger tracked me down I’d send it packing,
For now, A Georgette Heyer’s all I need

Safety in Slumbers

I rode like the wind on Winston Churchill’s horse,
He was brown and as soft as a feather,
I jumped from a plane and my arms became wings,
For a second my soul had no tether

I saw you and knew you were living somewhere
And heaven was just the name of that land,
I stood on a beach while the sun kissed the sea,
My toes sinking in the glorious sand

My sister was dancing, her blue sequinned dress
Caught the glitter ball’s eye and it shimmered,
The tunnel was dark and the rats called it home
But I swear I saw light and it glimmered

I think

I think life is savage and cruel, heartbreakingly beautiful and the most precious gift we are ever given,
Most of all I think it is a chance:
A chance to love, to feel and to leave a mark-however small-on this world.

Take your chance today