There are so many reasons you should smile
Despite the shadows hovering nearby,
When you are sad the clouds conceal the sun
And angels bow their heads each time you cry

There are so many reasons you should smile,
There’s beauty all around you and you’re strong,
Your laughter is a victory for life,
A triumph when so much is going wrong

There are so many reasons you should smile
And in the days to come when you must fight
Remember you are brave and through the storm
Hope guards you while you walk towards the light



I don’t want to feel anything anymore
I don’t want to remember days and dreams that went before
I don’t want to have to face the horrors of this minute
Nor deal with every monster waiting spitefully within it

I’m sick and tired of hurting and it hurts to be this sick,
Give me an instant ending-make it painless, make it quick

But wait I hear my heartbeat, it is resolutely loud
And in the act of beating it is beautiful and proud
I’ve held on tight for many years while my life was defaced,
To let go now, to let fear win, would be an awful waste