It’s too late to call you yet I start to dial,
It’s times like this I’m sure I’ll break like glass,
I’m overwhelmed by emptiness and sorrow,
I’m filleted of hope, the ache won’t pass

It’s too late to call and I know I’d just lie,
I’d find myself pretending I felt fine,
So I hang up, and I’m thinking as I do;
To hear your voice makes me remember mine


Thoughts of a dieter

Man can’t live by bread alone but has anyone tried cake?
I ate the last good biscuit and it was a rash mistake,
The scales have got it in for me; they’re being very mean,
The numbers they are showing me are needlessly obscene
Maybe if I shift my weight and I hover on one leg
They’ll change their tune and failing that I’m not too proud to beg,
It seems to me the mirror’s also being rather rude
And why is it more calories lurk in the nicest food?
Dieting would be a blast and fantastically good fun
If only it meant eating sweets, a daily whipped cream bun

St.Michael’s Vow

In the darkness before dawn I am a beacon,
I have the strength you need and this I vow:
I will be your flaming angel of protection
Who guides you to the furrow you must plough

I can give the many dignities of mercy,
Command the vengeance of the seraphim,
I hear your voice and anticipate your questions
But answer neither idle prayer nor whim

Believe in me and I become a talisman,
Hold on to me and I won’t let you go,
In the darkness before dawn I am a beacon,
My light will keep you safe from any foe


Perfect in their box and on my feet,
Shiny patent leather, not discreet
Guaranteed to banish moody blues:
Mary-Jane style, fabulous, new shoes


Look for her in shadows, in the gloaming, by herself
Tearing up the wretched tarot card by card,
She is a silhouette, trying very hard to guess
What is real and what is only a charade

Look for her in winter hidden underneath the ice
While the hail falls down and blizzards love to rage,
Dreaming of the thaw to come and all that she has lost,
She is as stuck as words caught on a page

Look for her and find her in the kingdom of the damned
Where obstacles are everywhere and leaving
Is the rarest gift, Like a snowflake in the summer,
Yet resolutely she goes on believing

Disney the Wonderdog R.I.P

Watching the TV on mute now you’re dead,
The weather’s as grey as our mood,
Wrapped up within our own bubbles of grief
We cry, we remember, we brood

In a decade of dramas and battles
Your constancy was like a balm,
Making a difference and soothing our pain,
It brought us invaluable calm

Softly you’re sleeping and I pray you dream
Of running in fields with the pack,
You’ll suffer no more, but it’s hard to face
The thought that you’re not coming back

Life’s Tapestry

White petals on the ground and desolation,
I see the scythe now you have reached the end,
It’s nature yet that doesn’t make it easy
To love you and to know you’ll never mend

I’ve watched you grow in size and into beauty,
A different sort of creature to my breed,
Real love is universal, it won’t notice
The differences of origin and creed

You are a strand of colour in the fabric,
You help to weave our tapestry each day,
When you are gone there will be one thread missing,
Without you the whole tapestry will fray

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