What can I offer you except soft words-
The occasional caress,
A little time and my adoration,
Nothing more and nothing less

What can I offer you except my heart,
Badly damaged though it’s strong-
And desires I’m not free to act on yet
Which have burned in me too long



It’s still like facing the abyss
With its blackness closing in,
An unknown game with hateful rules
I’m not guaranteed to win

It’s still suffering each minute
And it’s out of my control,
It drags me down and holds me there
Like an anchor on my soul

It’s still a marathon I walk
Over thorns with naked feet
But I sometimes see the finish
And I won’t accept defeat


If you were King and I was Queen,
If grass was red and lips were green,
If Earth was flat, the moon was cheese,
A flame was cold enough to freeze,
If this was that and wrong was right,
If truth was hidden in plain sight
Then it would be completely fine
For us to choose to cross the line
But sheep aren’t clouds and fish can’t fly,
Walls have no ears and that is why


Just kiss me in the lamp lit street
When their curtains are all drawn
And the moon in wide-eyed wonder
Watches as new stars are born

Just you kiss me like you mean it
And I’ll know I am alive,
I don’t think I ever told you
That I daydream to survive

If you kiss me I will keep it
Like a bloom that does not die,
It will be a thing of beauty
In a life that makes me sigh


In weeks to come I’ll take the time to linger
In idle thoughts of you, and where you are,
By then I may have covered enough distance
To make the past endured a fading scar

I’ll think of talking with you in the downpour,
You painted rainbows on me and your eyes
Knew how to dance like fireflies by a river,
Reflecting in their brightness my surprise