I spy

The cavalry aren’t coming
And the bugles will not sound,
All I see is fallen soldiers
When I dare to look around

I spy ten thousand rifles
And they’re pointing straight at me,
I’m not standing here and waiting
So I take my chance to flee

The moment I start moving
Guns are fired and bullets fly
I am running for my life now,
I’ll keep running ’til I die


Goodnight my friends

You are the angels who fell to Earth with the rain,
The ones with the wings, soothing other people’s pain,
You are the fairies curled in flowerbuds to sleep,
Full of saving grace when my troubles get too deep

Despite your own worries, in your days of despair,
You still find the energy to comfort and care,
You are heroic and you’re hearts are made of gold,
You are the sunshine when my life is turning cold

Wherever you go you will sparkle and inspire,
Like shooting stars in summer, like St.Elmo’s fire,
You are the angels shining beautiful and bright,
With you in the world things are bound to be alright


You can endure beyond endurance and you do,
You keep suffering but you refuse to die,
When you feel the fear you take a breath regardless,
When you don’t believe you’ll make it you still try

When the pain is overwhelming you keep dreaming
And you laugh ten times more often than you weep,
When you’re so ill you can’t move or even whisper
Who you are is what you cling to and you keep

You have never lost your love and your compassion
Or the knowledge that life is a gorgeous thing,
There are minutes when you’d simply like to end it
But you listen and you always here hope sing

If you ever end up falling by the wayside
It won’t be because you didn’t try your best,
You have given all you have for years unending
And you need your angels to acheive the rest

Last night

When we strolled together hand in hand
Through romantic dreams last night
All the stars were pinpricks in the sky
And the moon was lightbulb bright

There was magic dancing somewhere close,
We could feel it in the air
As the autumn leaves crunched underfoot
And the wind caressed our hair

We invented pirate ships and rogues
While the midnight cast its spell,
I got lost in our imaginings:
I got lost in you as well

How by Shaun O’Riordan

How will it come?
Morning or night? Sitting or standing?
If I was talking
Would I just stop?
If I was walking
Would I just fall?
As there’s no way of knowing
It’s silly to ask.
Terrence went digging,
Eric just jumped.
I’d like to think
I’d just have the time
To wave goodbye
To one or two…..


I’m mad as a hatter and hatters are mad
But the men in white coats are delightful,
My craziness means that I have zigzag seams
And Im also insanely insightful


When I am in a wheelchair, am I pretty?
Do you even look at me so you can tell?
Being ill is hard to take, it hurts enough
Without feeling i’m invisible as well

If I am old and frail I am not stupid
And my dignity’s not something you should take,
I have all the feelings you do and my heart
Is in a shell that’s lived long enough to ache

I might just be a child but you don’t own me
And you ought to pick on someone your own size,
I’m not your private punchbag, I’m a person
And I see the world through less embittered eyes

I may just be an animal, unspeaking,
But if you’re as human as you claim to be
You’ll remember I can bleed, that I feel pain
And you’ll always be compassionate to me

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