Sometimes I reach the end
And all I see
Is nothing left but pain

Sometimes I think how easy
It would be
To sleep forever

Somedays I wonder why I’m even here
And breathing’s just a duty, not a joy

Somedays I see the sinkholes
In my heart,
All the bruises on my soul,
The little scars
The bloodied parts of me that feel alone
In the face of things
I never can describe

If life’s a stormy ocean,
I am ship-wrecked,
Half-drowned and dreaming
Of the land ahead

My prison may not even have a door,
Just bars of cruelty
Capturing me here

But this world is far too beautiful to leave,
Alive with so much I would hate to miss,
I cannot stop believing,
Cannot stop:
I must be meant to be where I am now



When the night is black and starless and you ache,
When you have to bear much more than you can take,
When your soul is full of sorrow and your sleep
Is the only bit of respite you can keep

Every breath you take is brave, each day you fight
Is another noble step towards the light
And the beating of your heart’s the greatest sound,
It says “I may be lost but I will be found!”

When the battle for your freedom has been won,
You will shine with glory like the golden sun
And the mountains you have climbed have made you strong,
The bird who has been caged sings the sweetest song

When the night is black and starless, don’t despair,
The dawn is close at hand and you’ll make it there,
You don’t have to believe me, just don’t let go,
If you hold on long enough then you will know!

Ode to a washing machine

I know it’s not an easy life when you’re an old machine,
To always be expected to make clothing bright and clean
But slacking off and stalling will not get the hard work done,
If you don’t put the work in you won’t get time off for fun

I know the tumble dryer’s got his eye on dating you,
He gets all hot and bothered when your washing cycles through,
I’ve often heard him talking in his rhythmic kind of way
Of how he’s glad he found you and he hopes you’re here to stay

He might not fancy you so much if you keep oozing slime,
And you won’t get to date him if you’re stuck in over time,
The racy new dishwasher flashed her racks at him today,
You’d better raise your game love, or he might get led astray

You’re near to your retirement but you’ve got some spark still left,
If you go on the scrapheap he and I will be bereft,
We’ll miss your stoic puffing when you’re starting each big wash,
The way you whine while rinsing sounds like singing as you slosh

There’s no machine quite like you, so please just keep chugging on,
Who’ll be the dryer’s darling if your element has gone?
And more importantly perhaps, what will be left to wear?
I don’t look good in bin bags so I think you ought to care!

I know it’s not a perfect life when you’re an old machine,
To always be expected to make clothing bright and clean,
But scrub the stains and whiten whites and then you’ll get to rest:
Who said that it was easy when you’re made to be the best

Jar of Stars (Love you Rosie)

If I wished upon a star,
On the brightest star above,
That I might find the kindest friend
Who is filled with grace and love

I’d know my wish was granted
When the heavens sent me you,
They couldn’t find a better friend
If they searched the whole world through

I’d like to wish for freedom
So we both might spread our wings,
We would fly into the future
And enjoy the light it brings


You might be the hero they’re in need of,
The one to fell the dragon with one blow,
Or scale the castle walls to reach the princess
And make the evil villain let her go

You might be the angel who will whisper
A hundred words of comfort in their ears,
Who tells them that if they can keep on fighting
There will be rainbows when the tempest clears

You might be the one who brings back laughter
Or wipes the tears that fall like summer rain,
You might be the friend we all would wish for
In times of need and when we are in pain

You might be somebody’s superhero
And simply breathing in and out each day
You make a difference to the world around you
And all those you have touched along the way