The Flag

We are the butterflies they broke upon the wheel,
We are the innocent behind their bars of steel,
Left to hold the sky up lest it fall, lest it break,
Arms aloft regardless of the fear while they shake,
Walking in the shadows since the dark took its hold,
Singing in the silence to make ourselves be bold,
We are playing patience but the stakes are our lives,
Trapped inside a speeding car while a mad man drives,
We are broken butterflies and we bear the scars,
Warriors of sadness who try to touch the stars,
We are an army and we fly the flag with pride
Because despite it all, we can and do abide



I’ve smelt of you, of smoke and fresh air
And you cast my name into cement,
It doesn’t matter but I’ll miss you,
The excitement that you represent

I’ve thought of you, of your velvet skin
And it’s good to be held close and tight,
It doesn’t matter but I’ll miss you
Even after you’re out of my sight

I’ve dreamt of space, of freedom to run
And I hope we’ll be friends when I can,
It doesn’t matter but I’ll miss you,
I will miss being near to a man


The willow tree bows low over the water
Beside the river bank, met by the grass
Which leads to Palace House across a footbridge
Where lion statues watch you as you pass

The ruined abbey stands stripped of its splendour,
No echoes left of those Cistercian monks,
The oaks nearby keep long forgotten stories
Concealed and safe within their ancient trunks

Imagine every voice this land’s heard talking,
The words of long dead men the wind has caught,
Historic years the silent trees have witnessed,
The different ages passing time has wrought

The willow bows as if in thought or worship
Beside the golden river and we’ve stood
On that idyllic spot in childhood summers
When we were new and all our days were good


It’s always nice to go where you are welcome,
Where the conversation flows like cups of tea,
Where troubles can be left out on the doorstep
And you’re sure to find the best of company

It’s nice to find a haven from your darkness
Where you can laugh and just watch the children play,
You are as young as they are when you join them
And you listen to the things they have to say

It’s like a break from being in your bubble
To spend your time with friends who show such kindness,
And people who are frankly so fantastic
Should know that knowing them is truly priceless


I want to give you pleasure after midnight,
More pleasure than you’ve ever had before,
Caress you and fall on my knees to take you,
And when you’ve reached surrender, give you more

I want to touch you, cover you in kisses,
Your neck, your body, every gorgeous part,
To let you show me how love-making should be,
And somehow leave an imprint on your heart

I want to give you pleasure after midnight,
To have you satisfy my ardent lust
But every English bone inside my body
Needs me to wait for love and so I must


You let me down a myriad of ways,
Each one was such an unexpected sting,
I doubt you even understand these words,
The quick destruction faults like yours can bring

You aren’t the knight in armour at the gate,
The man to climb the turret, break the spell
And what you feel is buried far too deep,
A secret you could never choose to tell

The looking-glass bends truth as it reflects
A better man than you and in that frame
You look as though you’d take a stand for love
And honour it, not vanquish in its name

You let me down and I have been a fool,
Romanticizing you in rosy hues,
Not noticing the clichés you espouse
Or how your gallant posture is a ruse

The people who matter

If you ever feel like praying, pray for me
To any God or being, any force
Who might look down and see I need to beat this
And help me, through the onslaught, stay the course

If you ever feel like dreaming, dream with me
Of magic and the grace of the mundane,
It’s funny how much more your eyes can see
When they are closed and closed they must remain

If you ever, if you ever, if you do,
You’ll know I love you and its set in stone,
I would have told you so and far too often
Back when I could, if only I had known

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