I said goodbye to life last night
Yet here it is,
It streams through my net curtains
Lighting up the corners of my room,
Refusing to accept my resignation

I said goodbye to hope last night
Yet here it is,
It takes my hand and speaks,
So softly I can barely hear it whisper,
Of happiness and peacefulness ahead

I thought that I was gone last night
Yet here I am,
My heart is beating like a soldier’s drum,
I start to march again
And my soul begins to sing Jerusalem

I though that I was beat last night
Yet here’s the day
As new as all the greenest leaves of spring,
Fear hovers round the edges
But everytime I fall I will get up


Dancing dream

I’ll make it my mission to touch you,
To hold you as tight as I can
There’s something about you that’s got me,
You’re such a delectable man

I’ve got a real thing for broad shoulders
And eyes that bewitch with one glance,
You had me the second I saw you,
The moment you started to dance

Most girls are in search of a hero,
A man who’s as good as he seems,
I know for a fact you’re delightful:
You only exist in my dreams

Flowers in my hair

I’d like to wear real flowers in my hair
And have the taste of freedom on my tongue,
Remember what it feels like not to bleed,
Remember what it feels like to be young

I’d like eternal sleep, to wake no more
Not feel, or hurt, or think- not have to burn,
To cease the constant battle of the days,
To cease to watch the seasons as they turn

I’d like to have an angel come to stand
Beside me now, to give me hope enough,
To show me there are better things ahead,
To shine the light on me when it gets tough

I’d like to hold my friends and see them smile,
To hear their ready laughter and my own,
Forget how long ive worn these senseless chains,
How high the thorns outside these walls have grown

I want to wear real flowers in my hair
And wake to gentleness, to mercy’s touch,
It seems to me that time makes little change,
It seems to me that it has made so much


Love’s a music box playing a sad song
And the dance is the point of it all,
There’s a man in the moon and he’s lonely,
He is waiting for comets to call

Panning for gold and the nuggets that shine
Like the stars in the heat of the day,
While the waterfall leaps like a dreamer
Death sees life like one watching a play

There’s a little rough magic in strangers
And the road is as long as our Time,
All the fireworks are reaching for heaven
While I cobble words into a rhyme

Where the sea meets the sand they both whisper,
Like two lovers alone in the night,
What is life but a beautiful picture
Which was painted with music and light


Baby, my life’s a crazy kind of life,
I glimpse a world beyond my garden gate
Which I can only look at, never touch
And one day that might change but all is fate

Baby, my heart’s a crazy kind of mess,
It yearns for life and holds onto a dream,
Each time it breaks I patch it up with glue
And it could tell my story seam by seam

Baby, I’m just a crazy kind of girl,
There’s nothing wrong with being slightly strange,
I am like a bullet in the chamber
Just waiting to get happiness in range