Angels without Wings

Angels without wings but with such amazing grace,
After years of darkness, you’re the sunlight on my face,
I can’t bear that you suffer, I can’t bear that you bleed-
I hope you’re sent the blessings and the gentleness you need,
You’re a testament to courage and you scare the clouds away,
You’re more beautiful than nature and you save me every day!



Smile as though tears never cloud your eyes,
Like you never feel frightened at all,
Hold on to hope, let it be your shield
When the sky starts to fracture and fall
Remember your dreams if the night comes,
If the stars disappear one by one,
Reach out for the people who matter
And they’ll bring back the warmth of the sun
Keep dancing, keep singing of freedom
While you’re captured and wounded by pain,
The storm can’t conceal your true beauty,
Like a rainbow it shines through the rain

We are (inspired by Martin Shalloe, who also gave me the second line)

We are butterflies, we are dreams,
Our hearts are long and winding streams
Which flow towards the open sea,
The grace inside them sets them free,
Hope is the candle in the dark
Which makes us glitter, makes us spark,
Our friendship keeps our spirit’s strong,
It is the melody, the song,
When we feel lost, when we must fight
It is a never-ending light
And when we fall apart or cry,
Love is the sunshine and the sky

February Prayer

I know an angel fights for you in heaven
And here on Earth you make the days less bleak,
Don’t ever underestimate your impact,
The worth of every single word you speak

You’re beautiful, I hope fate treats you kindly,
That you are granted miracles and grace
And even in your darkest hour there’s sunlight,
Enough to dry the tears upon your face

Wherever you may go, whatever happens,
I pray your dreams are always close and bright,
When you are lost there’s someone who will find you,
When things go wrong they somehow turn out right

That angel fighting ceaselessly in heaven
Shall earn his wings, if you can make it through,
They will unfold in awe-inspiring splendour
And he will get to fly, because of you

If I should fade

If I should fade away, If I should falter,
If my hold on life should slip and I let go,
I’m thankful for the hands Kismet has dealt me
And I love you so much more than you can know

If I should fade away, I’d sleep forever,
It would be a mercy not to have to wake,
The world is full of wonder but I’m broken,
There is only so much any soul can take

If I should fade away, I’d never leave you,
I’d make myself at home on the nearest star,
I’d guard you with it’s light, I would protect you
And I’d always be so proud of who you are

If I should fade away, I’d fade whilst fighting
And I’d hope, until the last, I could break free,
I’ve only got one life and it’s not perfect
But it still feels quite miraculous to me

January prayer

May your dreams always be bigger than your fears,
May your light be a beacon in the darkness,
May your path be strewn with flowers instead of stones,
May your spirit dance and your heart sing

May your troubles make you beautiful,
May adversity give you wings,
May your blessings be bright and plentiful,
May you always believe in magic

May your life be full of laughter,
May your tears be ones of joy,
May all your clouds have silver lining,
May you be loved for who you are

house of cards

I fell again today, went in to free fall,
Like a house of cards collapsing without sound,
I saw the great wave coming and it hit me,
Just before I made it on to higher ground

The monster with it’s fearsome jaws came snapping
And it sunk it’sĀ talons deepĀ into my skin,
I had to grit my teeth to bear the sharpness,
Find the steel inside myself to not give in

Each time the hands of shadow close around me
The only thought I have is “I must hold on”,
I fell again today, went into free fall,
The foundations I had built are gone, gone, gone

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