To the Sun

I love this town and I watch it sleep
Through a starless window pane,
The unfailing kindness of people
Is like diamonds in the rain

A clock strikes half past twelve and the dark
Is as close as it can get,
They say it isn’t the things you do
But the things you don’t you regret

I am a restless bird and my thoughts
Are miles away,on the wing,
They are flying to the ones I love
While the morning songbirds sing

My heart is like a rippling river
Wending its way to the sun,
Have you noticed the greatest triumph
Is always the hardest won?

I’m certain there are reasons why,
There are reasons why we hurt,
And if we look long enough we’ll see
Specks of gold dust in the dirt


The Singing Planet

Our planet sings of centuries,
Of crashing waves and avalanche,
An eerie,complex musical
Of root and bark and leaf and branch,
Of wildernesses left untouched,
The forest and its secrets kept,
Death and his battle’s lost and won,
The streams where salmon fought and leapt,
The circles spinning ceaselessly
Of rhyme and reason,plan and place,
Our planet sings its peerless song
Within the emptiness of Space

Rainy day and Fridays

I often sit down with a fountain pen,
Stare at the empty page and try to write
About enduring more than I can bear,
About the anguish of a constant fight

I’m old because I falter and I fall,
My dreams are smaller and more out of reach
I’m lost because the parasite I have
Keeps draining me of vigour like a leech

I long to be heroic,not just me
When agony takes charge and things get rough
I’m in the grip of something I can’t change
And I’m afraid my strength won’t be enough

What if I moulder here until I die?
The scariest of questions I daren’t voice
Because if I could leave the world behind
Or stay and live,then life would be my choice

No Place like Home

I wish I was as brave as knights of old
Their equal with a sword and twice as bold
Always on adventures and crusading,
Stopping rebel armies from invading

I wish I was a dragon breathing flames,
The kind of dragon no one ever tames,
Wild and free of rules and regulations
Soaring to exotic destinations

I wish I was like fairytale princesses
Wearing floor length silk and velvet dresses,
Swanning off to balls in my own carriage
Asked by suitors for my hand in marriage

I wish I was a girl with ruby shoes
Knowing that I only had to choose
To click my heels together:one,two,three
And I’d go back to simply being me


A free spirit with integrity and flair,
She’ll lift you up when you are feeling small,
In this life a friend like her is hard to find,
Its hard to find someone like her at all

There are times when we could do with light relief,
A bit of laughter to recharge and rest,
If you’re in need of breathing space from worries
She is a shining diamond and the best

Simple Simon

Simple Simon says M.E is a product of the mind
Just glossing over evidence he doesn’t want to find,
Simple Simon earns his crust but he fails to use his brain:
Condemns the sick for suffering,the helpless for their pain

Simple Simon says the Gulf didn’t hurt the soldiers much,
He’d hate for any veterans to try and get in touch,
To hear about their illnesses would ruin his research
And he would need new heroes to disparage and besmirch

Simple Simon stretches truth til it starts to warp and break,
He has his own agenda and his spiel is clearly fake,
If he and honesty have met they certainly aren’t friends-
He’d claim the sky was orange if it suited his own ends

His poison is his attitude,the fact he doesn’t care,
As long as he’s important he’s not keen on being fair
His shady expertise and general arrogance explain
Why he keeps printing theories with no basis t0 sustain


The spring made all the flower buds unfurl
A hundred different colours and the sky
Was endless and as blue as any sea
While clouds with silver linings floated by

The summer sparkled like a far off dream
And when it came it brought a languid haze
The joys of ice cream on a perfect beach,
The pleasure and the peace of lazy days

The leaves of Autumn were like leaves of gold
Falling with a rustle to the ground,
The winter loomed ahead and nights grew long
But there was christmas spirit all around

The snow fell down to every child’s delight,
It made the world look pristine in the hush
There was a stillness and a kind of calm
Before the spring brought back the urge to rush

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