I listened to the subtle sounds of evening
And felt the spring reach out to where I lay,
I was a hurricane beneath my silence,
There were so many words I had to say

Of how I didn’t know such pain existed
Or that the human spirit could withstand
Without a single pause and without mercy
And still, when it keeps falling, try to stand

And what completely awe-inspiring splendour
Is in the simplest stalk, the merest leaf,
To have to see its glory through a window
Feels like a tragic loss, a breaking grief

I wanted to find sentences to tell you
How much you matter and how much you mean,
The idea you are waiting and you love me
Is something safe on which my soul can lean

We’re here the shortest while, our time is fleeting,
As quick to fade as breath on winter air,
But we can move the mountains with compassion
And we can make a difference if we care


No regrets

In the universal scheme of things we’re tiny,
Small beings with such complicated lives,
We keep racing through the moments we should savour,
As busy as the bees inside their hives

Our experiences shape us and emotions
Can govern how we act, our point of view,
We may believe in a lie with great conviction
And never stop to question if it’s true

We can rarely hope to guess anothers motives,
We judge the world by standards we have set
So as long as we adhere to our own morals
We shouldn’t waste the present on regret


You made me weak so I grew strong,
You made me scared so I grew brave,
You made me fall so I got up,
You took from me the life I crave
So I will steal it back from you
Along with all you’ve made me learn,
I will not stay within your grasp,
You’ve had your time and lost your turn