January prayer

May your dreams always be bigger than your fears,
May your light be a beacon in the darkness,
May your path be strewn with flowers instead of stones,
May your spirit dance and your heart sing

May your troubles make you beautiful,
May adversity give you wings,
May your blessings be bright and plentiful,
May you always believe in magic

May your life be full of laughter,
May your tears be ones of joy,
May all your clouds have silver lining,
May you be loved for who you are


house of cards

I fell again today, went in to free fall,
Like a house of cards collapsing without sound,
I saw the great wave coming and it hit me,
Just before I made it on to higher ground

The monster with it’s fearsome jaws came snapping
And it sunk it’s talons deep into my skin,
I had to grit my teeth to bear the sharpness,
Find the steel inside myself to not give in

Each time the hands of shadow close around me
The only thought I have is “I must hold on”,
I fell again today, went into free fall,
The foundations I had built are gone, gone, gone

Come what May

If we wrote our dreams on the silver moon
We would run out of room to write,
As we fly in formation, wing to wing,
We are safe, under stars, tonight

We soar over towns and the land is still,
Like a giant it is sleeping,
Our days may be hard but our hearts are free,
They sing of the love they’re keeping

Our hope is a light we each hold aloft
And together we find our way,
We were meant to live, we were meant to smile
And we will make it come what may


My heart sung like a songbird every day I was alive,
I learnt how to be grateful and I learnt how to survive,
I met so many people who were beautiful and bright,
They graced the path I walked upon with their unfailing light
I got to dance with happiness and laugh until I cried,
There’s too much beauty in this world for God to be denied,
I saw the magic in most things, I did the best I could,
I never faced a trouble that did not bring me some good,
I wouldn’t change the life I got, No moment was in vain
And even when the darkness fell, the joy was worth the pain

Keep fighting

When the pain closes in and you have no peace,
When you hope and you pray for it all to cease,
When your tears are an ocean, your heart could break,
When you wish you could sleep but you’re kept awake
Remember the sound of the waves on the shore,
Imagine the eagles who dream as they soar,
Somewhere it is summer, somewhere it is spring,
Keep thinking of laughter and voices that sing
Miracles happen, they could happen to you,
Just look hard enough and they already do,
You’re never alone while you face what you must,
When darkness encroaches, in angels we trust,
Your life is a blessing to all those you touch,
There’s no one quite like you, I love you so much


I am afraid when I close my eyes,
When I have to fight for life,
When the flames engulf me viciously
And the pain cuts like a knife

The exhaustion weighs me down with stones
And it pins me to my bed,
Each little sound is an avalanche,
An explosion in my head

I cannot move and I cannot speak,
It is arduous to think
But I cling to something deep inside
As I teeter on the brink

All the people I have ever loved
Are kept safe within my heart,
They comfort me while I search for light
And we never are apart

I hold daydreams tight and fairytales,
I am sure they help me breathe,
I don’t think i’d even be here now
If I struggled to believe

No Monster lives forever

I held a piece of heaven in my hands,
I tried to keep it with me for a while,
Sometimes I think nobody understands
And then I know I’m crazy and I smile

I tried to hide the part of me that cries,
I’m fragile like old paper in the rain,
Sometimes the hope in me curls up and dies
And then I have to save myself again

I danced around the midnight moon and wept,
A hundred good and bad things in my mind,
I wondered like a child and then I slept
And in my dreams I left my pain behind

I never really thought I’d get this far,
Each step is one step further from the past,
There might be many monsters where you are
But nothing in this world is made to last

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